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“Things really do start to fall apart after 40!” and other truths from my Mother

December 11, 2017

I remember when my mom turned 40 and shared this little bit of wisdom. Your lower back starts to ache. Knees make that pop / crackle sound when you are climbing stairs. You need those “cheaters” to read the small print on a label. It seems that physically, a lot starts to fall apart after a certain age. But what if you take care of yourself, exercise, and eat healthy? By making small choices early on, we can drastically change what our future may be.
The same goes with your financial health. As we start off down the road of adulting, are we doing everything we should to get ourselves into a position of being financially fit in our later years?
There is one truth I choose to share with any younger person that will listen – you will never be younger and you will never be healthier! As we make those small choices early on, life insurance is an option that is rarely more favorable than when you are young and healthy. Depending upon the type of product you and your financial advisor decide works best for your needs, you could potentially carry that same payment amount all of the way until retirement age!
Another bit of advice that has always stuck with me (ladies, you can probably relate to this), is to never buy a pair of shoes that only match one outfit – it’s just not practical. My parents are like many older Americans who were raised in an age where you worked hard, you saved your money and hoped to be better off in the end than when you started. There just wasn’t extra money for “wants”, only for “needs”. But by starting early and making the right, small choices now, you can be sure that you are not only financially fit and ready for your golden years, but you will be able to splurge on those shoes!

Kelly Dowling
Director of Marketing