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Estate and Retirement Planning

Navigon Financial Group, Inc. realizes the importance of protecting your estate now, so it will be left intact for your loved ones later. Our associates will show you the most cost-effective way to fund these future estate tax obligations, helping assure that your valuables will wind up in your family not in the hands of the government someday. Planning ahead is key to both your estate and your retirement income. In order to maintain a retirement that is comfortable, you need to prepare while you are still working. Navigon Financial, along with your estate attorney (when needed), can assist you in developing a pre-retirement plan with your goals in mind. You may be asking:

  • How much income will I need for retirement?
  • How can I safeguard that income against taxes and inflation?
  • What about cash stream?

We’ll address these questions and more.

We know the future isn’t certain. But by planning ahead you’ll be secure in knowing that no matter what the future holds, you’ve protected yourself, your family and your estate.