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Our Process

Just as everyone has a unique vision for their future, your economic situation is unique as well. At Navigon Financial Group, an Advisor will begin the planning process by taking a holistic look at your economic picture, gather and analyze all of the necessary information. We then create a comprehensive plan that focuses on safety and sustained growth to help you reach your short and long term financial goals and aspirations.
A very important part of this process is our continued commitment to our relationship with you. As your life changes, your Navigon Financial Advisor will be there with you, to provide solutions for your ever evolving financial landscape.

<br /><br />First Meeting

First Meeting

We will meet to discuss the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™. We will describe the Confidential Questionnaire, which is the first step in providing you with a personal financial engineering analysis. This questionnaire is designed to be easy and quick to complete. The completed questionnaire along with associated financial documents will be needed prior to the next meeting.

Questionnaire Review

Meeting using the completed questionnaire along with the financial documents you have provided we will discuss your complete financial profile.

PS&G Model® Meeting

Meeting using the information provided from your questionnaire and documents from our second meeting we will present the results of the analysis that will map your financial future for Protection, Savings and Growth. We will first discuss your present financial situation and then work with your future situation.

Strategy Meetings

From the results of the model and our discussions we will begin implementing the strategies we have agreed to that will aim to maximize your wealth creation with a minimum of additional expenditures.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting

We will maintain the role of the Macro Manager for your financial well being. We will meet with you on a regular basis to review and modify the plan when necessary to reflect any changes in your financial status and recommend implementation of changes when necessary.

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