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Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning

Planning for a Lifetime of Care.

Everyone should have contingency clauses in their estate plans, but for parents with a child who has special needs, long term planning becomes vitally important.  What will happen as you grow older and you’re no longer there to support your child’s financial, physical and emotional needs?

When you have a loved one with special needs, you’re planning for a lifetime of care. It’s often said that parents with a child with special needs need to plan for a 3-person, 2-generation retirement: Their own, and the lifetime of care their child needs.

Special needs planning can be complex. Government benefits are available for those who have a disability, but the benefits are needs-based and there are strict limits for the amount of income and assets a person can have in their name. T

The best special needs plans are a delicate balance of financial, legal, governmental, and medical strategies, best assembled by an integrated team of professionals — an attorney, a CPA, a financial adviser — with specific expertise in special needs planning.

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